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GERMANY: The rehabilitation of the Hohenzollerns?

From Germany, Christopher Jones reports: "Regarding a possible restoration of the German monarchy: It does seem remote, but Germany does have a monarchist party in favor of a restored constitutional monarchy under the young Hohenzollern pretender, Friederich Wilhelm. It is called Tradition und Leben and stages pro-monarchy events in old pickelhaube. If the rationalization of the federal structure really happens, some believe that it would be easy to substitute the federal president (a sort of state notary) with a discreet monarch. In fact this has gained in popularity, given the German public's complete lack of confidence in traditional party politics and the recent passing of the Dutch consort, Prinz Claus. Born in Germany, he was a model monarch, neither haughty nor filled with himself -- he spoke for the common folk, just what a monarch should do -- and what most politicians don't do!

Today in Germany, the most common face on TV is without any doubt, Adolf Hitler. Because of the constant, relentless reminders of the Holocaust,(promoted by the Zentralrat der Juden, and their vociferous point man, Michael Friedman) the Germans have turned into Europe's most neurotic people. It is a tragedy! For example, there was an unbelievable discussion about a year or so ago about the following: should the German culture be recognized as the Leitkultur (leading culture) in Germany!! A leading political figure in the CDU, Friederich Merz, was raked over the coals because he thought that immigrant foreigners should, as a rule learn the language!

With the sincere desire to see a peaceful and prosperous Europe, this sort of persecution must stop !!"

RH: The expression "raked over the coals" seems to come from the Inquisition. Should we declare it uuWAIS?

Ronald Hilton - 1/13/03