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GERMANY: The rehabilitation of Hitler?

Christopher Jones answers my question about a possible rehabilitation of the Nazisa and Hitler: "Jürgen W Mölleman is back in Germany's political limelight, still threatening to start his own rightist party, if the liberal FDP goes ahead and throws him out. The ongoing saga of "Mr 18%" cannot conceal the fact that a political "hole" exists to the right in German politics -- until now only occupied by regional or municipal groupings like the Schill party.

I don't think and frankly hope not that there will ever be a rehabilitation of the old National Socialists. The disaster of 1945, the horrors of the Holocaust and the occupation will never permit it. But, a Teutonic resurgence is coming: the TV is filled with "Preussen" and its lost "gloria." Recently broadcast on the big state channels were "Freiherr von der Trenck" a love story about a Garde du Corps of Frederick the Great and on Christmas day, "Majestät brauchen Sonne," a truly amazing documentary about Kaiser Wilhelm II made with original film".

RH. The very word Prussia was once taboo, It has been rehabilitated. However, not the reality, although there is Brandenburg.

Ronald Hilton - 1/8/03