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GERMANY: Roimmel and Hitler

Cameron Sawyer says: "Chrisitan Leitz is awfully hard on Rommel. Rommel was a great professional revered then and now by military men all over the world. He did not go so far as von Stauffenberg in opposing the war, but far enough to get himself killed. Von Stauffenberg was a hero, but the circumstances were extraordinary. Most military men would find it morally impossible to commit such a blatant act of treason and regicide under any circumstances, and this restraint among military men is a good thing as a general rule, as we certainly do not want generals killing heads of state whenever they personally object to policies (a figure of such consummate evil as Hitler representing a rare exception, in my view). I do not think that we can blame Rommel, who was a great man, and a great professional, worthy of our respect. Would that he had been on our side".

R:H My reading is that Rommel was a great soldier but not a great man. He was a typical German army officer. He was loyal to Hitler until he realized that his policies would bring defeat and the humiliation of the German army.

Ronald Hilton - 1/27/03