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The Roots of AntiSemitism. The RothsChilds.

     I lived in Germany during the 30s, and saw antisemitism first-hand. How could young Germans hate worthy people who regarded themselves as good Germans? There have been many explanations, one being the international role of bankers, who are now again the target of worldwide criticism. In Russian the code-word for Jews is "cosmpolitan," neaning that Jews are not good Russians.
     An important, 1,309 pp. book by Niall Ferguson, The World's Banker is being published in the United States under the title The House of Rothschild. While it does not discuss Nazi antisemitism, it can be used to explain it primarily in terms of the Rothschilds, who were mentioned in only a general way in Nazi attacks on international bankers.
     Of the five original brothers, one was based in their home town, Frankfurt, and one in Vienna. The others were based in London, Paris and Naples, and they worked as a team. The leader was the London-based Nathan Mayer, and the family was viewed as being controlled from London (and later the United States). They allied thmselves with the old government establishments, and thus were viewed by the Nazis as being opposed to national socialism. In additional to being both cosmopolitan and clannish, Jews like the Rothchilds disowned any relatives who became Christians, and they practiced endogamy to ensure theur Jewishness.
     The Rothschilds' close relationship with Disraeli was curious. His family had converted to Christianity, and they should have deeply resented that. Moreover, he described Islam as Judaism on horseback. However, just as Winston Churchill's losses on the stockmarket were covered by Bernard Baruch, presumably the Rothschilds helped Disraeli, who suffered similar losses. In 1847 he was active in promoting the bill sponsored by Prime Minister John Russell to allow Jews to enter parliament. Later in 1874 he fought the Roman Catholic tendencies in the Church of England. As the great imperialist trusted by Queen Victoria, he provided the Rothchilds with valuable access to power. While this whole background is very complex, the Nazi son of the family with which I lived simply ranted against Jewish bankers. He must have had no idea of that background.

Ronald Hilton - 02/21/99