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GERMANY: The Second Reich

Christian Leitz writes: "As you'd probably expect, I very much disagree with Christopher Jones. Peaceful country, only desiring respect for its place in the sun? I am sure there are plenty of Social Democrats, trade unionists, and even some liberals of the time who did take a rather different perspective! My only concession is that Imperial Germany might eventually have become such a peaceful, democratic country. The main tragedy is that it took two atrocious world wars before (West) Germany became properly democratic and peaceful. By the way, I did not want to suggest putting Der Untertan in place of proper historical studies of the period (Wolfgang Mommsen, Hans-Ulrich Wehler, etc.), but to me the book provides an excellent sense of what was wrong about Wilhelmine Germany (as does, in a much lighter way, Der Hauptmann von Köpenick).

Ronald Hilton - 1/23/03