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GERMANY: The Second Reich

Paul Simon wanted precise figures about German steel production: "I doubt that steel production claim; let's see the year-by.year statistics please. Everything I've ever read shows that virtually every category of industrial production was much higher in the US than in Kaiser Bill's Germany. I'd also venture that for most of the Second Reich, though probably not at the end, Britain's steel output surpassed Germany's". From Greece, Harry Papasotiriou provides the figures for the end of the period: "According to figures cited in Paul Kennedy's Rise and Fall of Great Powers (p.200), in 1900 the United States produced 10.3 million tons of steel, Germany 6.3 and Britain 5.0. In 1913 the figures were USA 31.8, Germany17.6, Britain 7.7". Rosa de Pena says this disparity is natural since the US is so much bigger then the other two. Germany is bigger than Britain, but the rise of the Ruhr steel industry was a remarkable phenomenon.

Ronald Hilton - 1/31/03