Veneer of Iraqi Sovereignty Cracks

I am confused by this argument between John Heelan and Randy Black: John said: "The US dismissed statements from Iraqi officials that one of the scientists, who have been held as members of Saddam Hussein's regime, would soon be free.... The US says it is only holding two women prisoners".  Randy counters: His BBC URL clearly says in the first sentence: US and Iraqi officials have denied reports that two women prisoners held in Iraq could be freed, which is also equally clear that the report is in contrast to Mr. Heelan’s claim about who is in charge.  John Heelan wrote: The following BBC report demonstrates who really continues to control Iraq. Randy counters: Perhaps Mr. Heelan is stating that both the Iraqi government and the US continue to control Iraq? Or more likely, that the two sides have PR persons who know how to issue a press release….RH: Please. I am confused enough by the Iraq war; don't make my confusion worse.

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last updated: November 24, 2004