The Gulf War

Glenye Cain says: With due respect to Mr. Wonder, who wrote: "Our lack of response in the Gulf War was because Bush Sr. scrupulously adhered to the UN mandate. You see where it got us, don't you?"  If I correctly understand Mr. Wonder's reference to "our lack of response in the Gulf War" as meaning "our lack of killing Hussein back then," the two things he expresses above simply aren't connected. "Adhering to the UN mandate" in 1991 hardly caused the current war in Iraq; we caused the current war in Iraq by invading it.  How exactly does Mr. Wonder think that Bush Sr.'s decision has led to this war? Because Hussein was left alive at the end of the Gulf War and was therefore available as a target? It's regrettable, in my view, that Hussein wasn't killed in that war  he plainly was a terrible burden to his own people, but I have yet to read or hear of any credible evidence suggesting that Bush Sr.'s decision not to press into Baghdad in 1991 led to, say, the Sept. 11 attacks, to Hussein's successfully acquiring nuclear or biological weapons, or to his aiding and abetting Al Qaeda terrorists.  All of which the current Bush administration has put forward as reasons for our attacking Iraq.  Regardless of whether he thinks the current Iraq war was or was not justified, the statement he made (quoted above) seems to me to be illogical.

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