Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel

Jon Kofas writes: John Heelan's BBC report demonstrates that, despite the State Department's and Pentagon's "public diplomacy" trying to convince world public opinion that the Iraqi government as independent as any European government, the reality is that there is no Iraqi sovereignty, any more than in there is Afghanistani sovereignty. Is there any informed person left on this planet who believes that the U.S. has not established puppet regimes which it controls in Kabul and Baghdad? Does any one deny that the two countries serve the larger geopolitical and economic goal of allowing the U.S. to determine the balance of power in the Middle East and Central Asia? Is it not obvious that the U.S. is making sure that the entire region becomes integrated under its aegis? Is this not business as usual for the American empire? In the next ten years all parties concerned, especially the innocent occupied people of these countries, will pay a high price to satisfy U.S. imperial ambitions and because their own leaders in the past have failed them miserably.

RH:There is an odd development concerning Iran. The latest issue of The Economist (11/13-19/04) has an article concerning Iran titled "The nuclear squeeze". It concerns Iran's alleged plans to build  nuclear bombs. This statement is worthy of note: "Israel has already hinted that, if the Iranians cannot be stopped by other means, it may consider military a strikes at nuclear facilities, similar to its raid on Iraq's Ostrak reactor in 1981.  At the same time, the latest issue of U.S. News (11/22/04) has a special supplement on Iran. Splashed over the cover is a picture of a hooded warrior with the caption "THE IRAN CONNECTION.

The 13-page special report does indeed contain a vast amount of secret information provided by the CIA and the Pentagon. They would not have released it unless they wanted to prepare the American public.  My reading of this is that, if Iran continues to give unsatisfactory answers, Israel will bomb its nuclear facilities, with US approval.  I suspect that that this plan is responsible for Colin Powell's resignation. He realized that his counsel had no weight. Condi Rice will do what the President tells her, and he will act in accord with the Pentagon neo-cons.  Of course all this may blow over. Or it may not.

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