Iraq: Media Balance?

Much publicity was given in the US media tp an incident in Iraq in which a US Marine shot and killed a wounded terrorist whom he accused of faking.  There was even talk that the Marine might receive the death sentence. Marine General Michael Sullivan writes: This is from the Executive Officer, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq.  He is a LtCol and normally a Harrier but pilot, call sign Bone, performing duties in the Command Element of a Marine Air Ground Task Force.  He compares this incident to the one earlier this week where the young Marine shot a wounded insurgent. 

Subject:        You won't see this on the news

Today a Marine from another Battalion walked up to a dead Iraqi in Fallujah.  Turns out that the Iraqi was playing dead (sound familiar) and shot the Marine when he turned away.  Luckily, the Marine survived with a gunshot wound to the leg.  You think that anyone in the American press will be outraged at the Iraqi for shooting one of your Marines???  I don't think so.  S/F  Bone.

RH: US commercial television panders to the stupid public. An Asian Pacific meeting has just been held in Santiago de Chile.  TV accounts gave almost no information on what the meeting achieved.  The stress was on President Bush going to the conference door to gain admission for one of his bodyguards who had been stopped by gate keepers and on an anti-Bush street demonstration led by a crude, loud-mouthed young agitator. That is what the public wants; it produces high ratings which please advertisers.  The trouble lies with the public, the rating system, and the advertisers.

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