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IRAQ: Amir al-Saadi

I asked if anyone had the famous list of Iraqi playing cards, with one showing Amir al-Saadi. Ed Jajko replied "Public information about al-Sa'di is scarce, no doubt on purpose. As for the cards, see Various sites offer sets of the cards, for prices ranging from free with another purchase, to $5.95, to $20 or more. The playing cards are also available on the Central Command web site, The first news item on that site, posted today, is that Tariq 'Aziz is now "under coalition control." John Heelan says:"Saddam's top scientific adviser Amer Hammoudi al-Saadi, No. 55, voluntarily turned himself in to US forces on April 12". RH: I thought he had, but I could not remember the details. I question the date April 12, but that is of no importance.

Ronald Hilton - 4/24/03