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IRAQ: Just war or a Just War?

From Tim Brown: "Rosa de Pena, perhaps accidentally, touches precisely on the heart of a question much larger than Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Is the UN a creature of its members or is it a "superior power" to which all should bow and give due obedience? If it is the sovereign government of the world, then those members have been reduced to the roles of mere chief executives of its provinces. States that were once but no longer are sovereign need bow to it and render obedience.However, unless I missed something somewhere, the UN is not the sovereign superior governing power of the globe to which all member states must bow, however much some people would like it to be. But, since it is not, while the democratically elected heads of member states should by all means listen to its views, they then have no obligation either to bow to it or render it due obedience. Since Rosa de Pena is both critical of Blair and Bush and fond of Edmund Burke, she might want to take consider another comment by him, which I quote only for memory: "Evil wins when good men do nothing." It then follows that those who follow Burke consider Saddam good and Bush and Blair evil, since they are in favor of doing so much against Bush and Blair but little or nothing against Saddam".

RH: Tim's choice of words is loaded. Why "provinces" instead of states, as in the United States? Why bow, bow, bow? Sacramento does not bow to Washington. I have not heard a single critic of the war against Iraq describe Saddam as good. They all despise him, and I am sure Rosa does too. Nor was Rosa arguing that the UN become a super state. She was merely arguing, as many sensible do, that the US should have shown more willingness to cooperate with the UN. Senator Helms is gone, but his spirit rides on.

Ronald Hilton - 3/22/03