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IRAQ: The religious lineup

In response to my posting on the Pope's latest and strongest condemnation of the use of force against Iraq, Derek Davis of Baylor University says: "Why will the pope's word carry any weight on the war decision when the vast majority of American mainline churches are also protesting, but apparently without anyone in the Bush Administration listening? The religious lobby is usually quite effective on war questions, but this seems not to be the case this time. The commitment to fighting the war on terrorism (not greed for oil or Bush trying to correct his father s mistakes) seems, in my view, to be driving this campaign and trumps everything and everybody. Bush said from the beginning that he would go anywhere and confront anyone to root out terrorism, so perhaps he is just trying to be true to his word, enjoying the praise of those who make him a hero while ignoring the cacophony of worldwide protest".

RH: However much influence the US anti-war religious lobby has in this country, it will have none elsewhere, while the Pope's words will have an impact in all "Catholic" countries.

Ronald Hilton - 1/24/03