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IRAQ: The religious lineup

I was pleased to receive this message from Hank Levin which shows that Perle and Wolfowitz do not speak for all American Jews or indeed for all Zionists: "You are equating Perle and Wolfowitz with a Zionist view and the Zionist view as a Jewish view in opposition to a Catholic view. This is surely taking liberties with the perspectives of two scoundrels (in my view) in attributing their perspectives to an entire religious community. I can assure you that as a Jew with a Catholic wife, both Jews and Catholics are divided on the invasion of Iraq. Both my wife and I oppose it and detest the ideologues, Perle and Wolfowitz. Everyone of my Jewish colleagues is also opposed to war in Iraq. The fact of the matter is that there is not a Jewish position. It is not helpful to contrast the Catholic view with that of Zionists. Not even all Zionists believe that the invasion of Iraq is in Israel s interest.

You should certainly know that among all of the religious groups, Jews are never of one mind on an issue. The standard quip is that if you have 12 Jews in a room, there are at least 13 opinions. Perle and Wolfowitz are not the popes of the Jewish religion, but just two ideologues serving a President and National Security Advisor whose conditions for declaring war are appalling. It is completely wrong to assert that the vitriol and nonsense spouted by Perle and Wolfowitz is the Jewish view. [I also have doubts that the Catholic community is lined up behind the Pope s pronouncement. Casual evidence suggests that Catholics in America are as much split on this issue as their co-religionists rather than being part of a religious lineup based upon the political views of Europeans and the message of the Pope.]".

Ronald Hilton - 1/24/03