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IRAQ: Crisis of Integrity

Phyllis Gardner calls our attention to this article "Search in Iraq Fails to Find Nuclear Threat ", from the Washington Post (10/25/03). For the full text, see

This story outlines the failure to find the nuclear threat, specifically detailing both the notorious aluminum tubes and accounts from former Iraqi nuclear scientists. It clearly portrays how eager the administration was to find the weapons, which were it's principle justification for going to war - eager to the point of providing a strong conflict of interest, as noted in the quote below, that led them to repeatedly defy reality.

"Nuclear investigators had come with expectations set by Bush and Cheney, who gave rhetorical emphasis to Iraq's nuclear threat in their most compelling arguments for war. At least four times in the fall of 2002, the president and his advisers invoked the specter of a "mushroom cloud," and some of them, including Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, described Iraq's nuclear ambitions as a threat to the American homeland."

Having failed to find evidence for a restart of the nuclear weapons program since 1991, those notorious aluminum tubes were left unguarded. Meekin said he no longer knows the whereabouts of the tubes once stacked at Nasr. "They weren't our highest priority," he said. "The thing's innocuous." Unguarded, the tubes "could be in arms plants,scattered around, being grabbed by looters, perhaps in scrap metal yards." Scavengers, he said, most likely have "sold them as drain pipe."

Ronald Hilton - 10.27.03