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Death of Reuters cameraman, Dana Mazen, in Iraq 10.04.03

Reuters Chief Executive Tom Glocer criticized the "haphazard" handling of a US report into the killing of a Reuters cameraman by a US soldier in Iraq and urged the Pentagon to hand it over.

Glocer told Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a letter that he was deeply dismayed that neither Reuters nor the family of its cameraman Mazen Dana, had been properly informed of the conclusion of a military investigation into Dana's death.

Dana, an award-winning cameraman of Palestinian desent, was shot by a soldier on a tank as he filmed near Baghdad on 17 August. A US military spokesman said that the inquiry had found troops respected their rules of engagement in the incident, but that Washington would not publish the full report.

Reuters found out about the report by subsequently questioning the spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel George Krivo. In his letter to Rumsfeld, Glocer said: "I am writing to you again in order to express my deep dismay that neither Reuters nor Mazen Dana's family were properly informed of further developments in this case. (Reuters 9/26/03).

Ronald Hilton - 10.04.03