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Iraq and Peace in the World

John Heelan says: "Christopher Jones referred to a recent EU report. The survey, "Iraq and Peace in the World " (Flash Eurobarometer 151), was conducted in all 15 EU member states between October 8-16, 2003. The margin of error at EU level is +/- 1.2 points. The full report will be available next week at

Initial findings indicate that:
An average of 58% of Europeans, and 72% of Britons, want the UN to manage the rebuilding of Iraq. The United States emerges as the least trusted (18%), less than the EU (25%) or the provisional government (44%).

While more than half of European citizens (54%) favor their country's financial participation in rebuilding Iraq, a majority of EU citizens also says the US should pay for the rebuilding of Iraq (65%). This feeling is strongest in Germany, where 84% of citizens want the US to take responsibility for financing the reconstruction. EU citizens (82%), led by the Greeks (93%), are strongly in favor of providing humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq.

As far as peacekeeping is concerned, more European citizens (43%) would prefer that UN peacekeeping forces or the UN in general (19%) guarantee Iraq's security. France shows the highest approval (54%) for UN peacekeeping. Only 5% of Europeans want the US and its allies to be responsible for security in Iraq. A majority of Europeans (54%) is not in favor of sending troops to Iraq, although there are strong differences of opinion, for example between Germany, where 71% of the population is against sending troops to Iraq, and Denmark, where 77% are in favor.

More than two-thirds (68%) of Europeans believe today that military intervention in Iraq was not justified. High percentages against the intervention were also recorded in Spain (79%) and UK (51%), both allies of the US. Only in Denmark (57%) did the majority believe it was justified. In addition, most Europeans (55%) say they still feel threatened by terrorism, with people in Spain (76%) and the UK (76%) most frequently afraid.

As for the larger issue of Middle East peace, 81% of Europeans think that the EU should play an important role in resolving the Middle East conflict. The highest support for the EU to play a leading role is seen in Greece (90%) and Italy (89%)".

Ronald Hilton - 11.02.03