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Average age of the American Soldier in Iraq

The article sent by Richard Gutsell contained the following admission from a 36-year-old American soldier:

"With age comes wisdom, and at 36 years old I am no longer so blindly led as to believe without question. From my arrival last November at Fort Campbell, in Kentucky, talk of deployment was heard, and as that talk turned to actual preparation, my heart sank and my doubts grew. My doubts have never faded; instead, it has been my resolve and my commitment that have."

Rob Gaudet comments:
"Stephen Ambrose, author of D-Day would have a ready answer. In his book on the American invasion of Normandy, Ambrose notes that the average age of the American soldiers was much younger (early twenties) than the average age of the German military (30s) and that this gave the Americans an advantage. Ambrose wrote that older soldiers are fearful, more cautious, and less emboldened than young fighters who are more willing to take chances. Indeed, Ambrose's account suggests that the Normandy invasion would not have succeeded were it not for the young age and feeling of invincibility of America's soldiers. The author of the article sent by Richard is 36 years old. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that he would be as battle weary and jaded as the German soldiers in the late stages of WWII.

By the way, my 19 year old cousin is going to Iraq at the end of the month. He won an expert certificate for grenade throwing in boot camp. I have no doubt that all of this is something of a video game to him. I hope he stays safe. I am sure the US military will benefit from his youthful courage".

Do I gather from all this that the Pentagon views me as useless?

Ronald Hilton - 09.20.03