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Mike Sullivan responds to Wayne Madsen Article: Bush Thanksgiving in Iraq

Here is Mike Sullivan's comment on the Wayne Madsen article ridiculing the staging of a Thanksgiving dinner at 6 a.m. at which President Bush showed up:

"This is another anti Bush attack and distortion of the facts on everything that Bush does. From my tours in Vietnam, on Christmas or Thanksgiving the turkey dinners (if you want to call them that) were served around the clock, 24 hours, to ensure everyone, regardless of the hours they worked or fought, received the two, guaranteed, hot meals of the year. Messing facilities in Iraq appear to be more civilized like a normal dining facility, but I guarantee that the troops would have stayed up all night to get a chance to eat and rub shoulders with their Commander in Chief.

Flying to the USS Lincoln to welcome home a carrier whose tour had been extended 3 months beyond the normal 6 months, and all at the time at sea fighting the war in Iraq was a thoughtful gesture. The troops had been working 18 hours a day/night, the pilots flying 6 hours or longer sorties in single seat aircraft.

Several inflight refuelings and recovering back aboard ship at night were not the usual tempo. It was a proper "thank you for your service" trip for the President to make. They welcomed him as one of them because he did fly aboard and participate in a carrier landing vice coming aboard in a helo.

He had been an Air Force fighter pilot, and like most Air Force pilots, always wanted to experience a carrier landing. It was a macho, leadership thing for the President to do, and that played well in the heartland of America. What it did for the morale of the men and women aboard the Lincoln and service personnel around the world was worth any criticism from the anti Bushites, and it is seen as a plus by most Americans, just like his visit to Iraq.

The anti Bush crowd only knows how to whine and relive the Florida election, saying that America is self destructing and that everything wrong with America and the world is Bush's fault. We'll see how well this plays in the 2004 elections".

Ronald Hilton - 12.01.03