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IRAQ: Werewolves and Reuters

David Pike writes: "Mike Sullivan called our attention to a dispatch by Reuter's on August 12,1945, reporting that fanatical elements of the Werwolf were committing almost daily acts of sabotage against the Allied forces of occupation. I have done some work on this, and have published my findings.

Prior to the end of the war, it was assumed that the Alpenfestung, maintained by Hitlerjugend elements, would go on resisting for years, and after May 1945 Allied forces were deployed in forests and mountains to root them out.

They came up with virtually nothing, though it remained a topic in the tabloids. The most that could be said is that certain Germans were showing resentment at the occupation. The New York Times Overseas Weekly of September 30, 1945, refers to the arrogant replies of some German waiters in the officers' mess in Munich.

I have not found the Reuter's report in the New York Times or any other paper, and we need Mike Sullivan to tell us where he saw this, or is Reuter's now playing a hoax on us? Is the purpose of this to tell us that the situation in Iraq today is no different from that in Germany in August 1945?

Today, when Oxfam, "Doctors Without Borders", the ICRC, "Save the Children UK" and "The Swedish Rescue Service Agency" are pulling out their non-Iraqi personnel, the parallel in 1945 would be for UNRRA to pull out its non-German personnel".

I suspected from the first that it was a skillful hoax perpetrated by some booster of the war in Iraq trying to tell us that the problems the US army has there are normal and had a precedent in World War II. I so hinted in a note at the end of the dispatch, and then Mike confirmed that it was a hoax. I warned that the prankster might have a problem with Reuters. Certainly nothing comparable to the car bombings in Iraq occurred during the Allied occupation of Germany.

Ronald Hilton - 08.31.03