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IRAQ and Ambassador April Glaspie

Philip Terzian explains "the long standing canard against April Glaspie. Ambassadors Glaspie chose not to take an official US position on the historic question of whether Kuwait is part of Greater Iraq, etc. etc. That is not quite the same thing as inviting Saddam to invade". RH: Of course, but Saddam foolishly interpreted it as meaning the US would do nothing. Puul Simon says "There is a big difference between telling an Iraqi leader to settle a bilateral oilfield dispute on his own and telling him that the US ok's him to invade his neighbor. [RH:Of course]. Thus my opinion that the versions floating around about about Glaspie are distortions of distortions and border on libelous. As for State, it disciplined Ms. Glaspie, under public and Congressional 20-20 hindsight pressure, but they did not fire her". RH: I am sorry for Mrs. Glaspie, but the transcript seems to be correct, and therefore there is no libel. Presumably she and the State Department realized that Saddam might invade Kuwait, but the US had not made up its mind as to what it would do. This is surprising, since there are supposed to be plans for every eventuality.

Ronald Hilton - 2/17/03