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IRAQ: Looted hospitals

Mobs discourage those who believe in democracy and the rule of law. The Iraqi mobs especially dampened hopes for a democratic Iraq. The looting of hospitals was barbaric. Fortunately the EU has given 10 million euros for looted Iraqi hospitals (Reuters, 23/4/03) The European Commission released EUR10 million of aid to Iraq to help restore medical services devastated by widespread looting, The funding will be used to replenish hospitals with medical supplies and vaccines, to repair damaged or looted medical infrastructures and to restart water and power supplies. The money is part of a EUR100 million emergency aid package. It comes on top of a EUR12.5 million first installment of aid to Iraq. "It is an immediate answer to the breakdown of law and order that followed the fall of the Iraqi regime and that has affected all aspects of civilian life," said Poul Nielson, EU Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid. Children would be a priority.

Ronald Hilton - 4/23/03