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IRAQ: No Baghdad blackout

I asked why Baghdad is not blacked out: Tim Brown says: "Probably because we don't need light or eyes-on for our bombs, and we haven't blown up their electrical systems, in part so civilians don't suffer needlessly and in part because whatever we destroy we will simply have to rebuild ourselves. And Saddam may not want to cut it off because then TVs and radios over which he's broadcasting won't work and possible because he would lose a network he is using by piggybacking some of his communications on it". RH: I meant of course why hasn't Saddam Hussein blacked out Baghdad, the normal procedure when a city is threatened with air attacks. That would not interfere with communications, TV etc. It would seem to be an act of bravado. Moreover, he has a network of bunkers very deep under ground, so he and his cronies are in no danger. Apparently TV shows of him come from one of those bunkers.

Ronald Hilton - 4/1/03