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IRAQ: The Pope and Helen Caldicott

Stuart Rawlings reported approvingly that "Activist Helen Caldicott has started a campaign to urge that Pope John Paul II put his body in Baghdad as the ultimate human shield". An angry reply from Dwight Petrerson begins: "The comments by Stuart Rawlings and the actions of Helen Caldicott are so bizarre that they probably do not deserve comment, but they distort the truth. The US has never said it is going to use WMD against the Iraquis. Where does the absurd figure of "conservative estimate" of 500,000 dead come from? Impending slaughter of hundreds of thousands, where does all this come from?"

RH. Does the MOAB bomb qualify as a WMD? Does the proposed small nuclear bomb? Where does the Bush administration get its figures about Saddam Hussein's WMD? Presumably from defectors, but how reliable are they? Everyone seems to be groping in the dark. Iraq has expelled some "human shields" because they are not following the Iraqi rules. Might the Pope be expelled? This is the theater of the absurd. Helen Caldicott is internationally famous. Physician, humanist, empassioned advocate for nuclear disarmament and a true woman of peace is Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Helen Caldicott. See About her invitation to the Pope, I know only what Stuart says. Did she offer to go as his acolyte?

Ronald Hilton - 3/14/03