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IRAQ: Putting Humpty-Dumpty together again

The glamor (?) of war in Iraq is over, now begins the dull process of nation-rebuilding, on which Reuters (16/4/03) reports in "Council on postwar Iraq exposes frictions": "Having declared their 27-day war on Saddam Hussein all but over, the US and Britain launch talks with fractious Iraqi groups on how the country should be ruled now that he has been overthrown. US-led troops worked alongside local police to try and restore order on the streets of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities after Saddam's final stronghold, his hometown of Tikrit, fell to US forces without the bloody fight many expected. Talks near the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur, 375km south of Baghdad, are aimed at shaping a postwar Iraq, but looked set to highlight the divisions and discord that run deep among Iraqi opposition groups. About 60 Iraqis, representing radical and mainstream Shi'ite and Sunni Muslim groups, Kurds, and supporters of the monarchy overthrown in 1958 were expected to attend. Many are angry at the US decision to impose Jay Garner, a retired US general, to head an interim postwar administration".

RH. Ur! Back to the square one of history, an appropriate phrase since the ziggurat of Ur, built around 2000 BC is square shaped, It was surmounted with a temple devoted to the moon god, who gives us the word "lunatic", Is that why Ur was chosen? Abraham left here on his long journey, presumably to get away from the place. The royal tombs yielded incredible treasures. Have they been looted too? All hail to the people, the voice of God! Ur was sacked by the Elamites around 2,000 BC, so it is an old story. Some of the treasures of the royal tombs were in the national museum in Baghdad and presumably have been stolen. We still have those in the British Museum and the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. What does King Nebuchadnezzar think about all this?

Ronald Hilton - 4/16/03