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IRAQ: Saddam Hussein's son-in-law

To convince the world that Saddam Hussein is hiding weapons, the Bush administration says it got the information from a top defector. Is this clarified by this Reurters dispatch (2/25/03)?:

"After the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them, Saddam Hussein's slain son-in-law told intelligence agencies and UN inspectors in 1995, Newsweek reported (2/24/03). Hussein Kamel, who headed Iraq's nuclear, chemical, biological and missile programs for 10 years, told his story to the CIA, British Military Intelligence and UN inspectors, Newsweek said. Kamel defected from Iraq, returned and was killed. According to sources not named by the magazine, Kamel had "hoped his revelations would trigger Saddam's overthrow, but when he realized the US would not support his dream of becoming Iraq's ruler, he decided to return." RH: What senior defector revealed what to the Bush Administration? The whole story sounds odd.

Ronald Hilton - 3/1/03