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IRAQ: Terrorists and WMD

Rob Gaudet says; "The US has not failed to prove that Iraq harbored terrorists or WMD. First of all, Abu Abbas was caught in Iraq after being turned away at the Syrian border. He had been living outside Baghdad. This man was responsible for the 1980s hijacking of a ship that resulted in the death of an American. He was convicted in absentia by an Italian court. Second, the US found a terrorist training camp in the north or somewhere outside Baghdad. Third, the US found a hidden cache of commercially manufactured suicide vests containing large silver balls meant to scatter metallic shards into multiple victims upon detonation. It frightens me to think these were commercially manufactured, but you can tell that they were because (i) there was a large number of them, (ii) they looked identical, (iii) they were made out of advanced materials such as plastics. Fourth, Saddam himself was a terrorist harbored in Iraq (as well as his entire family and regime) and he paid around $25,000 to the family of every Palestinian suicide bomber. Now, that will end. Fifth, the search for WMD is not over 'til the fat lady sings. She has not yet sung".

RH: Clio is not a fat opera singer. She is one of the nine muses, the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. She lives with her sisters in Pieria in Macedonia. Rob and the fat lady should drink at the Pierian sprig.

Ronald Hilton - 4/22/03