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IRAQ: The future of Iraq

Phyllis Gardner writes: "Unfortunately, the celebrations by the people who wanted this war have not made me feel one whit better about it. I still feel that it is increasing anti-American sentiment (witness the Muslim crowds worldwide, notably the Shiite marches in Baghdad). We may very well witness the transition of a secular Arab nation into a fundamentalist one, something that I personally worry about. I mourn the horrific loss of human life (one that most Americans were carefully immunized against); the equally horrific loss of a cultural heritage of great importance to the whole world following the looting and burning of museums and libraries; the needless destruction of a society's infrastructure of roads, electrical systems, water distribution; the anarchy that the society has descended into without a civil service system in place; the radical shift in foreign policy that this administration feels ever more emboldened to pursue; the failure to find the WMDs or justification for the preemptive and destructive war; the money sink that the war and post-war reconstruction imposes on our nation (see the NYT article on the draconian cuts facing most state budgets, eating into the most basic services of Americans).

Like the rest of the world, I marvel at our technological advances in warfare - many of which have been contributed to by a multicultural, polyglot academic/scientific community that is now threatened by the Patriot Act. Everyone wants to be a winner. I just submit that the jury is NOT in on this one - not by a long shot. I would hold the gloating for at least a decade. Let's see how the events unfold".

Ronald Hilton - 4/21/03