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IRAQ: The morale of US troops

We posted an article sent by Tim Ashby on the low morale of US troops in Iraq, Marine General Mike Sullivan said it was a hoax put out by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and sent me several letters from soldiers in Iraq indicating high morale. Tim Ashby replies to General Sullivan: "An increasing number of media sources (including Fox, which is definitely not a tool of the DNC), are reporting the frustration of our forces. The quoted letter was genuine. While it is true that we have an all volunteer force, soldiers have no choice as to where they are deployed, and the National Guard units in Iraq are involuntarily called up.

I am very proud of our forces but am sickened by the almost daily deaths and maiming of fine young men and women who fought a brilliant campaign and are now garrisoning a country where the policy rationale for being there is ambiguous.

Yes, I am a proud Reagan Republican, but find it incredible that the current administration seems so limpid on the North Korean threat yet cited a clear and present danger as the justification for invading and occupying a 10th rate power like Iraq. Many other countries have brutal governments and the capability of producing WMD (but few have such vast oil reserves!".

RH: We posted Martin Storey's comments on the world oil situation. He ended with a gloomy prediction that the US was facing ceaseless hostility in the Arab world. There is a parallel with Mexico, whose oil the US developed, but its nationalization became a sacred cow for Mexicans. At the same time, the US cannot now simply walk away from Iraq.

Ronald Hilton - 7/21/03