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IRAQ: The search for WMD

There has been a hot debate as to whether the Bush administration lied when it said Iraq had WMD, the pretext for invading and occupying it. Bush said he was sure that the WMD would be found. The announcement that a mobile lab had been found seemed like a desperate attempt to prove this (Reuters 6/3/03). Russia dismissed US efforts to present its discovery of a mobile laboratory as an example of Iraq's banned weapons program, saying only UN scientists could officially certify weapons as illegal. US President George Bush, at a joint news conference with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, said that the truck, which Washington says could be used to make biological weapons, was part of a "weapons system". Washington used Iraq's supposed weapons program as justification for its invasion of the country, but has since failed to find any nuclear, biological, or chemical arms. The latest US administration gambit is to say that the WMD had been shipped to Syria.

Ronald Hilton - 6/8/03