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IRAQ: The truth about the war

Phyllis Gardner says: "Thank you for quietly questioning the opinions of WAISers, too often presented as truths or near-truths. We have no knowledge who fired the cruise missile that hit the marketplace in Iraq, so to use the phrase "quite likely that Saddam perpetrated this outrage himself" and then compare it to a questionable incident in Bosnia is overstatement. My conclusion is that this is "collateral damage' of war, no matter who willingly or unwillingly perpetrated the offense". RH: An aim of WAIS is to make members realize that they do not have a monopoly of the facts or the truth. This morning TV news carried scenes of a mosque which "coalition" forces had wrecked because it harbored terrorists. Special Forces were boasting about the feat, with no attempt to avoid responsibility. Their action would seem to be completely justified, but what will be the response in Islamic countries?

Ronald Hilton - 4/1/03