Troops in Iraq

This comes from General Michael Sullivan, with the comment "First time I've seen these figures".

Subject: Troops from the Coalition of the Willing
BY THE NUMBERS 06/21/04 Troops in Iraq

Which countries have provided military support

United States 130,000
Britain 12,000
Albania 70
Australia 1,000
Azerbaijan 150
Bulgaria 470
Czech Rep. 92
Denmark 496
Dominican Rep. 300
El Salvador 360
Estonia 55
Georgia 70
Hungary 300
Italy 3,000
Japan 1,000
Kazakhstan 25
Latvia 120
Lithuania 105
Macedonia 28
Moldova 25
Mongolia 180
Netherlands 1,100
New Zealand 60
Nicaragua 230
Norway 150
Philippines 95 (175 on the way)
Poland 2,400
Portugal 130
Romania 400
Singapore 200
Slovakia 69 (120 on the way)
South Korea 675 (3,000 on the way)
Thailand 443 (30 on the way)
Ukraine 2,000
Sources: Reuters news reports/

RH: How many of these countries are receiving US financial support for their toops?

Regarding the list of numbers of troops from different countries in Iraq, Hank Greely says: "I imagine that smaller countries might consider it, among other things, a useful training exercise for their military to be deployed in an operation with military forces from major countries. They may also find it useful to give their troops some experience under fire or at least in danger. I wonder if General Sullivan can comment on that". General Sullivan is on vacation; he may have something to say when he returns. What Hank says is clearly true, but it does not answer the question as to who pays the bills. The US has been throwing around millions to achieve it aims (the latest the offer of $25 million for the capture of an Iraqi terrorist). Certainly the US has been paying the expenses of some of the contingents, but I have not seen any official account of this. It may be a military secret. Incidentally, the list gives the figures after the withdrawal of Spanish troops, but before the withdrawal of those from the Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

Ronald Hilton -