Other Discussions on Iraq

U.S. Policy

         David Krieger's SUNFLOWER is highly critical of U.S. military policy.  The January, 1999 issue contains the following item, which rightly or wrongly
expresses the opinion of a good portion of world opinion:
 " Attack Against Iraq Violates International Law.
No matter how one views Saddam Hussein and his lack of compliance with UN Resolutions, his country is not subject to military attack without specific authorization by the UN Security Council. Absent a situation of self-defense (Art. 51 UN Charter) authority for the use of force to preserve the peace can only come from the UN Security Council. Neither the U.S. nor Britain sought this grant of authority from the Security Council, and they would not have attained it if they had asked. Russian President Yeltsin commented, "This can essentially be regarded as a step that undermines the entire system of international security, of which the UN and its Security Council are the linchpins." The Russian Duma voted 394 to one that "[t]hese activities [the attack by the US and UK against Iraq] constitute international terrorism." No leader, no matter how powerful, and
no country, no matter how strongly armed, is above international law.  Until we learn this lesson, force will remain the predominant currency of international relations and bullyism will continue to prevail." 

Ronald Hilton - 01/08/99