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IRAQ: Who will run Iraq? The UN?

Those who wish to discredit the UN refer to Kosovo. Tom Grey says: "PLEASE look at the UN and Kosovo. According to this article, it's terrible!" The article comes from the Weekly Standard, whose ideological position were have already discussed. For the text of the article, see:

After describing the miserable conditions in which he lives, the author says: "Just then I passed the headquarters of UNMIK, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo. The building, a skyscraper formerly occupied by a successful Yugoslav bank, was ablaze with light. All the windows shone, as if the bureaucrats within were working late. Of course, I knew almost nobody was there; by then they would have headed home to apartments better equipped than mine, where they might even have generators. The structure stood out in the darkness, a symbol of U.N. power in the wartorn province. And it struck me that the contrast between the burning lights and the surrounding darkness was also a symbol--of the gap between the two worlds in the occupied territory, the world of the international authorities and the world of the people. It fleetingly occurred to me that U.N. officials might actually have ordered the lights kept on to taunt the Kosovars with their might--but of course that couldn't be. ..."

RH: I view this article with some skepticism. How does the author know that "the bureaucrats" were not working late? Running Iraq will be more difficult than running Kosovo. Then the US will be the target of similar criticism, which of course we will angrily reject.

Ronald Hilton - 4/12/03