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Iraq's WMD?

Dwight Peterson takes issue with the Arianna Huffington article forwarded by Phyllis Gardner: "I do not recall Secretary Rumsfeld nor Colin Powell nor any of our government's spokespeople saying that we knew the exact locations of any of these weapons; only that they must be located and destroyed or otherwise immobilized before Hussein and his cronies could sell them, give them away or put them into the hands of evil rogue governments who did, indeed, possess the capability of using them directly against this country. I have read nothing to indicate that any of these weapons have fallen into those evil hands. Rumsfeld has always said that he believed the locations of these caches would be uncovered through Iraq's help from informants once the fear of reprisals eases. There is no longer extreme urgency to finding these WMD. They are now contained and will eventually be found and destroyed with no harm to anyone.

The article deals with another issue: as a continuing attempt to try to prolong the anti war demonstration mentality throughout the world and a growing hate against the USA worldwide. Surely there is hate, mostly funded through envy, against a powerful, wealthy and democratically successful nation .Extremists of all kinds are trying to seize upon times of transition to impose their own types of domination on their own country. Much of this perceived hate masks a genuine growing feeling of admiration and respect for the United States throughout the world. The non coalition European member states are desperately trying to repair their relations with USA. The Arab nations seem relatively calm and even happy to have Saddam eliminated from the region. Strength and power have always been accepted and admired in that part of the world. The only disruptive display seems to be coming from the Iraqi Shi'ites. This is being fueled by Iran, which wants it to appear as an Arab issue being pursued by its Iraqi brethren to promote islamic fundamentalism. Once our intentions to promote peace and prosperity in the region become clear I believe that admiration and respect for the United States will continue to grow".

Ronald Hilton - 4/25/03