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The reason for the US attack on Iraq was its possession of WMD, which have proved very elusive. The Bush administration assures us that it will find them with the aid of ferrets. Insight magazine has close ties with the administration, which uses it to leak information. The May 26, 2003 issue had an article summarizing a CIA report dated October 2002 asserting that Iraq had WMD. Was the report public or was it somehow leaked? Was it the honest assessment of the CIA, or did the CIA produce it to back up the administration's position?. When Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations on May 27, he was repeatedly asked about Iraq's WMD. With his usual good humor, he replied that they were difficult to find in a country the size of California, but he was sure they would be found. He also expressed frankly his opinion about Iran. My own opinion is that the question of Iraq's WMD is now history, and fortunately people were not toasted by them. The urgent issue is what comes next. While Rumsfeld spoke about Iran, the Insight article referred to was headlined "Why Syria May Be The Next Target". There were a number of Jews at the meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations. My impression is that they regard Syria as the more immediate problem. Iran is the larger problem.. Or perhaps it is Saudi Arabia, which Rumsfeld did not mention. The administration ic wondering what to do about it.

Ronald Hilton - 5/28/03