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The problems of Engrish translation

I am most grateful to the Japan Foundation for having invited me to visit Japan. My wife and I took advantage of the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe by air. Since then I have been receiving the foundation's messages to former fellows.

I have just received one which ends: "If you have any questions, please do not bother to ask us". I don't and I won't. However, I wish I knew Japanese as well as the author knows English.

Christian Leitz adds to our knowledge of Japanese Engrish: "In the light of the "don't bother to ask" conclusion to the letter sent to you, you may find the attached images amusing. They were sent to me by a Spanish colleague who has lived in Japan and is married to a Japanese.

Webmaster: The images were sent from the English/Japanese Website:

Ronald Hilton - 11.06.03