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German words of French origin

Christopher Jones says: "I described the meaning of ressentiment as "Envy, jealousy and a desire for revenge." However, the word is a German word of French Huguenot origin. There are quite a few words and expressions that were incorporated into the German language after the Huguenots arrived in Prussia. The Prussian monarch was very happy to welcome them to his still small and feeble state because the French Huguenots were industrious and well educated. Many names have survived as well: the last Prime Minister of the DDR (East German) government was the non-communist Lothar de Maiziere".

Quite apart from the Huguenots, French was the international language language of courts. Hitler made an attempt to replace French words with German ones, e.g. etage with stockwerk. Recently there has been an influx of English words. Vocabulary mirrors political history.

Ronald Hilton - 10.25.03