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The Turkish language

Veysi Erkcan Ozcan of Turkey replies tp Jim Bowman's piece on languages: "Jim Bowman might be interested in Turkish, for two reasons:

1. The word for butterfly is obviously quite different from the ones he mentioned: "kelebek". But not only butterfly, mother and God are also quite different: "ana" and "Tanri". (Actually I am not really sure if one can find any single word that is almost the same in all languages.)

2. Turkish, like Tagalog, has no gender. Moreover it is also extremely rich in words for relationships, so much so that some infants have difficulty learning the proper word for their own relatives. You have different names for your mother's and father's siblings, their spouses, your in-laws etc. So a study of languages in the context of gender should include Turkish as well".

Strange. I thought of Turkish as I posted Jim's piece. We should know more about the Turkic family of languages.

Ronald Hilton - 10.27.03