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     Brazilian-born Tor Guimaraes is one of many immigrants who have learned English and risen to university professor. He respects cultural diversity but
     "It is bewildering to me that anyone can not recognize the importance of English as the only practical global language. It has accomplished what Esperanto could not do. Sometimes I attend meetings with people * from Russia, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Brazil, etc where the English language is the only common denominator keeping people together."
     My comment: The Seattle meeting of the WTO is an excellent example of this. The official meetings are behind closed doors, presumably to keep the protesters out. It would be interesting to know if the French delegates insist on speaking French, etc. Certainly many of the foreign protesters, like the French peasant leader from southern France, do not speak English. They may now realize the importance of al least linguistic globalization.

Ronald Hilton - 11/29/99