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The Tower of Babel

     I quoted the references to the Larry Springer show in stories about Clinton-Monica as an example of the difficulty of catching allusions even in one's own language. Daryl DeBell enlightens me and others equally ignorant:
     "The Jerry Springer show is a TV show featuring people, usually related, fighting publicly about their differences. The content is almost always sexual, and the language is appropriate to the subject. What starts as an exchange of accusations and insults often ends with physical assaults. The mere fact of their appearing on the show testifies to their exhibitionism and total lack of self-respect, as well as a great amount of hostility and low-grade arrogance. It is reputed to be the most popular 'talk' show. I must hasten to say I "never inhaled", i.e. watched it, but I have seen it for a few minutes when it was selected by mistake, and have to admit that it produces a sense of horrid, repellant fascination, but as a psychoanalyst I can be excused for having a certain amount of professional interest in psychopathology. Still, these people don't pay me, and have no interest in seeking my help, so a few minutes is all I can take. The same is true for the 'scandal'. I switch channels the instant it's mentioned."
     My comment: When I watch Mexican TV news, it is frequently interrupted by enticements to various shows, many emanating from Hollywood, which are on about the same level as the Larry Springer show. That is what we, the people want. Don't tell me that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Ronald Hilton - 10/17/98