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The Breakup of Spanish

     I was startled by Michael Toth's statement about "Spanish" films with "Spanish" subtitles. Ernesto García Calderón of Peru comments:
     "The only time I've seen a Latin American TV show in Spanish with Spanish subtitles was when Veronica Castro, a famous Mexican TV actress and talk-show host, went to Argentina to broadcast a continent-wide live program about Argentinian music and culture. She and an Argentinian actor performed a short scene speaking "Lunfardo" (the Buenos Aires slang), and it ran with subtitles so the rest of the Latin American audience would understand."

     My comment: "Lunfardo", the language of the Buenos Aires docks, is a special lingo, although some Argentine nationalists wanted to make it the base for "el idioma nacional de los argentinos." Spanish is not well spoken in many seaside areas of Spanish America, but in general I have been impressed by the uniform and even beautiful speech of most Spanish Americans.

Ronald Hilton - 2/24/00