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The Breakup of Spanish

     Linda Nyquist was brought up by nuns, who didn't teach her certain things, which she learned in the real world of hospitals. Her report is definitely the last posting in this series on Spanish lexicography:
     " 'Pájaro' (bird) means male organ in Mexico, too. And because I could not really understand why this was so, an architect friend was helpful in providing me with quite an elucidating diagram. Some time ago, while working in the emergency room and having to talk to a Mexican male about this part of his anatomy, he feigned complete ignorance. Finally, his Cuban girlfriend spoke up and said "Tu sabes, tu chilito!" (you know, you little chile). He understood immediately and trotted off to obtain a sterile urine catch. I will never view a jalapeño in the same light. My Mexican colleague at the time was only too happy to provide me with several dozen synonyms for this very important male part, such as "platano macho" (large banana), etc. I suggested that he not forget "dominico" (this wonderful miniature bananas so delicious in Mexico)."

Ronald Hilton - 2/26/00