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The Breakup of Spanish (and of polite conversation)

     Spanish is a beautiful language cursed with a tropical vocabulary. Carlos López from Chile reports:
     "Worse yet! I was having dinner with a Spanish family. The question came up as to when we would do something very expensive. I said: "Cuando me saque la polla!" My remark was greeted with total silence. Later, my host told me what the polla was in Spain. In Chile it is winning the lottery! A rough similarity, I'd say!"

     My comment: I have other worries. I am the author of a Spanish dictionary giving the difference in meaning between the masculine and feminine forms of a noun. "Pollo" (feminine "polla") is a chicken. I have just checked the dictionary, and both forms have a wide variety of meanings, depending on the country. I think I will dump my dictionary, or perhaps try to figure out the history of these words.

Ronald Hilton - 2/28/00