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The Catalan language

John Heelan answers Les Robinson: "Les might be interested in the 1996 CIS Report *.that found that 59% of the residents of Cataluña considered their mother language to be castellano and 39% to be catalan. However of those whose mother language is castellano, some 93% claimed to be able to speak, read or understand catalan as well. The same report states that when asked what language they preferred to use in different social situations, the respondents replied they used catalan as follows:

43% when speaking at home
47% when shopping
35% when with friends
46% when answering the telephone
38% when at work or studying
45% when dealing with officialdom
43% when calling to somebody unknown in the street
23% when watching television
22% when listening to the radio
10% when reading newspapers

(Comparatively catalan is far more pervasive in Cataluña than euskera is in País Vasco).

* [source: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) MI TIERRA, MI LENGUA - Estudio CIS 2.228, noviembre-diciembre 1996- source:]

RH: While it is true that catalan is far more pervasive than euskera, there is in Catalonia great pressure to force people to speak Catalan. This would undoubtedly influence people answering a poll. Moreover, the questions may have been rigged in such a way as to get the desired answers.

Ronald Hilton - 6/24/03