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     My complaints about the decline of English have brought expressions of support. James Whelan rightly complains that the BBC has succombed to political correctness:
     "The BBC´s chief censor decided that a series of programs on British history required revisionist surgery because the behavior of Britons of yesterday might be construed as "racist." The same attitude spilled over to "moderating" the views of a factory worker who was proud to proclaim himelf "British." Some years ago, the BBC cast out "BBC English" as too elitist. Street jargon, cockney, what-have-you are now stock-in-trade on what used to be a bulwark of English at its best."
     My comment: It sounds like American campuses. There are two student papers at Stanford, the Daily and the Stanford Review, the latter more conservative and more literate. The students speak and write like the Daily. This may be why issues of the Stanford Review have been trashed!

Ronald Hilton - 04/26/99