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From Auckland, New Zealand, Christian Leitz writes, as have other WAISers:

"I have to inform you that you have fallen for a joke. The paragraph you are citing is the starting section of a joke which (and I think I may have a complete copy somewhere) subsequently unfolds in such a manner that at the end the so-called EuroEnglish turns out to be nothing other than an anglicised version of Deutsch. I wonder whether Margaret Thatcher (and her so-called Bruges Group of unpleasant anti-Europeanists - not sure whether the group actually still exists) was behind this one - on second thoughts, probably not, a good sense of humour was/is one of those character traits the now rather Rusty Lady (a comment about her being politically sidelined not about her age!) was/is thoroughly lacking."

My reply: At first I suspected it was a joke, but it came in the form of a European Commission release; I receive such releases regularly. Whoever perpetrated the joke must have had access to the commission's password and will have problems with the law. We shall see.

Ronald Hilton - 2/25/01