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The Finnish and Hungarian languages

Steve Torok from Hungary, who lived in the US and Japan, and is now a Thailander, charges: "You forgot Hungarian! All the advantages (or disadvantages) cited for Finnish hold for Hungarian. The Ural-Altai group has been traced by gamma-globulin studies at Osaka University from Japan, Korea etc. to Hungary, Estonia, Finland.Complex grammar is not really the case, only different grammar: Japanese and Hungarian are, in fact, similar grammatically, that is why I could learn almost fluent Japanese!"

My question: I am out of my bloody depth in these gamma-globulin studies, which my sources do not mention. Hungary is the "land of the Huns" referring to the short-lived empire of Genghis Khan in the 13th century. The Hungarians are Caucasians who learned their language from the conquerors. The theory that the language spread from west to east goes counter to the historical record. Perhaps we should consider not just the simplicity of the alphabet but also of the language itself. Here English is a clear winner, Finnish and Hungarian clear losers.

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/02