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The German language

Mary Huyck writes: "A very interesting posting about the origin of High German. (Who is Cameron Sawyer? He doesn't sound very German to me!) [He is 200% American, 100% Russian (he lives in Moscow), and 50% German. RH]. I have made copies to pass along to two participants in our Friendly Visitor Program [which Mary Huyck runs]. I made a "match" last week involving a retired comparative literature professor, who was born and raised in Stuttgart. His new volunteer visitor is a friend of mine from Columbia School of Social Work. She is German and comes from Cologne. During our introductory session, the subject of High German versus other versions of the language came up. When our volunteer visits her son in Switzerland, she cannot understand the locals unless they are polite and speak clearly and slowly, using more generally understood German. I 'm sure that she and our client will be interested to read CS's explanation of the situation".

Ronald Hilton - 10/17/02