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Names, of places and persons. What's in a name?

     Tim Brown finds fun in the confusion of names:
     Such confusions abound. My father lived for a while in Phoenix, Oregon and never received a letter that wasn't stamped MIS-SENT TO PHOEXIX, ARIZONA. The same was true of a friend who lives in Las Vegas, New Mexico. A perfume from Paris, Arkansas sold quite well until they were forced to add the state name to their labels.
     I don't know about Kerensky, but I have a Mexican friend with a ton of children with such names as Lenin, Engels Marx, Stalin, Mao and Fidelia. It makes for some interesting overheard telephone conversations. "Was that Marx?" "No, it was Engels saying Mao is on his way, but Stalin will be late, as usual."

Ronald Hilton - 3/2/00